Types of sports betting

Explanations of the different types of sports betting

In general, you'll find between 40 and 70 types of sports bets available in the days leading up to a match, with a maximum choice available from 24 hours before the match. Here we review the main types of bets available on online betting sites for pre-match and live betting.

Single bet or 1-X-2

When you place single bets, you're betting on a single probability of a possible outcome, on a single match. Often represented as 1/X/2, in single betting 1 means home win, X means draw and 2 means away win.

► Example: proposes the following dimensions; 1= 3.10 / X= 3.25 / 2= 2.45

I think France will win, so I place my single bet for a French victory (2 = 2.45).

Double Chance Bet

The double chance bet allows you to bet on two outcome probabilities at the same time (1X, 2X, 12). There are 3 possibilities: home win and draw, draw and away win or home and away win.

► Example: I place the 2X double chance bet on the England-France match→ For your ticket to be validated, France must win away or draw. If you choose the 1/X bet, you'll win your ticket if England draw or win at home.

Bet Over/Under x goals

The Over/Under bet allows you to bet on the total number of goals scored in a match. There are generally 3 possibilities: +/- 1.5 goals, +/- 2.5 goals, +/- 3.5 goals. The most popular is usually +/- 2.5 goals, as the odds are often at interesting levels between 1.5 and 2.20, and you have a 1 in 2 chance of winning, i.e. 50%, which is very high in sports betting.

► ExampleI place the bet Paris Plus de/Minus de on the match England-France thinking that in this match an avalanche of goals will be scored (more than 2.5 goals) → If there are 3 goals or more you win your bet...

Winner's Spread Bet

Winner's Spread betting (otherwise known as Handicap betting), which is particularly popular in Asia, allows you to bet on the favorites or the underdogs at higher odds. In fact, in spread betting, a team starts with an advantage (for outsiders) or a handicap (for favorites) of goals before the match. You'll often see this example for a handicap match: Team 1 - Team 2 (0-1) followed by the available odds.

The main advantage of this bet is that if a team is heavily favored in a single bet, the odds are raised by giving them a one-goal handicap at the start of the match.

Paris half-time / end of match:

The half-time/end-of-match bet allows you to bet on the course of the match, i.e. which team wins at half-time and which wins at the end of the match. You have 9 possibilities to win. However, only one will be right...

► Example: For the England-France match, you place the England/France bet. This means that you think England will lead at half-time but that France will win at the end. If this happens, you multiply your bet by 26.

Interest of the half-time/end-of-match bet: it is more complex to find, and therefore offers good odds for those with a good feeling. Another interesting type of match to place on this bet: when a team is on a roll and needs to win quite easily from the 1st half for the 1/1 type bet (Home win half-time and end of match).

Half-time score or Final score bet

The half-time score bet allows you to bet on the score of the match at half-time. Whereas the final score bet allows you to bet on the final score of a match. The advantage of this type of bet is that it doesn't offer odds below 5.00 on average. They are often between 8 and 12 for typical 2-1 /2-2 scores. The payout can therefore be very high, but commensurate with the difficulty and highly random nature of the bet... Adrenalin guaranteed!

Other types of sports betting

Depending on the match and the poster, you can bet on the goalscorers, the number of corners, the first touch, the kick-off, the minutes of the goals per ¼ of an hour etc... until you run out of bets. For example, for a Barça-Real match you can find over 160 bets, depending on the site.

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